Executive Director- Carla Smith

Carla began as a Strengthening Families facilitator and part time employee in 2005. After coordinating family programs, Carla guided CTC Youth Leadership Groups for 8 years. Now as the Executive Director of Rise Up Reno she has the joy of working with great people, youth and volunteers while learning something new every day.  In her free time, Carla enjoys traveling, crafting and hanging out with her husband Gary, their foster boys and her wiener dogs.

Program Coordinator- Lisa Orrison

Lisa started facilitating Strengthening Families Classes in 2009 and has been the Program Coordinator for the School Based Mentoring program with Rise Up Reno since October of 2012.  Lisa is also the Mobilizer for the Reno Co. Suicide Prevention Coalition.  In her spare time Lisa enjoys birdwatching, long motorcycle trips and spending time with her family.

Program Coordinator- Angie Mahoney
Angie started out as a VISTA with AmeriCorps in 2018. She is a program coordinator for Strengthening Families, Parenting Wisely, and does a lot of work with the opioid crisis. Angie currently sits on the Kansas Opioid Advisory Committee and is heavily involved with the Reno Recovery Collaboration. In her spare time she enjoys long drives or motorcycle rides in the country, listening to music and dancing. 

Program Coordinator- Shaelee Mendenhall
Shaelee began as Youth and Communications Program Coordinator in 2020. She facilitates our youth leadership program by working with students at HMS 7, HMS 8, and HHS. Those students often prepare activities for area grade schools. She also assists with advertising and marketing for Rise Up Reno. When she’s not at work, she paints hearts for Spread the Love Hutch and other art pieces for her personal business, Marmalade.