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Parenting Resources

Rise Up Reno chooses parenting programs based on the strengths and risks of the youth in our community. Working with parents to be the best they can, gives youth a better chance 
at avoiding drugs and alcohol.


Talk They Hear You

Visit the SAMHSA website to help you start-and keep up-the conversation about the dangers of drinking alcohol and using other drugs at a young age.


Parenting Wisely

Parenting Wisely by Family Works Inc. has two versions including the Young Child Edition which is specifically designed to address communication and compliance issues for parents of children up to age 12. The older version specifically focusses on teen issues like following rules, solving conflict and addressing drugs. Both of these editions comprise of a two-hour video series that can be viewed in the CTC office. This program includes a comprehensive workbook and a certificate of completion. Call ahead to schedule an available time.


The Strengthening Families Program

The Strengthening Families Program by Iowa State University is an interactive opportunity for youth ages 9-14 and parents to work together towards common goals. The first hour of the program youth and parents are in separate groups working with leaders to develop skills including effective communication, listening for feelings and appropriate behaviors at this age. The second hour the family members work together to practice those skills with activities and games that encourage having fun together. The families meet once weekly for 7 weeks.


Botvin Life Skills

Botvin LifeSkills offers a series of lessons that increase communication, understanding and building self-esteem in kids that are in high-risk circumstances, such as an incarcerated parent or families with drug addiction.